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Fizzing Gum Drop Bath Bombs

Fizzing Gum Drop Bath Bombs

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24 gum drop bath bombs in each package!

These bath bombs are made with:

-Baking Soda: Makes skin feel silky + soft.

-Citric Acid: Other half of the fizz + source of vitamin C.

-Epsom Salts: Otherwise known as hydrated magnesium sulfate; works wonders to relax sore and tired muscles + helps to relieve inflammation.

-Corn starch: Soothes + relieves dry, itchy skin.

-Kaolin Clay: Helps to lock in the scent + make your water feel softer.

-Sweet Almond Oil: Moisturizing light oil to help soften your skin while you soak.

-Polysorbate 80: Helps to spread the oils throughout the water + keep any colourants or dyes from sticking to you or your tub.

-Sodium Lauryl Sulfocetate: This creates soft, silky bubbles to make your bath more luxurious. DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH SLS; our SLSA is derived from coconut + palm oils, while conforming to Ecocert's natural + organic cosmetic standard and is 100% of natural origin.

-Essential oils and/or fragrances: We only use high quality essential oils or phthalate, paraben + sulfate free fragrance oils sourced in North America.